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As we welcome the children back from their summer holidays, the Year 4 team has been extremely impressed with how well the children are adjusting to their new expectations and routines. This half term has been packed with some amazing experiences and learning. Firstly, the children had the opportunity to see a professional acting troop preform the story of Alice in Wonderland (a story which is taught to the children next half term). Secondly, the children have been thoroughly engaged in science and learning all about sound and how the human ear processes soundwaves into audible sounds. Finally, the topic that has captured the children’s interest and imaginations has been Geography and learning all about earthquakes and volcanos. This learning was further embedded with the school trip to the Natural History Museum, where the children got to both see and experience earthquakes (in the earthquake simulation room) and volcanos. Furthermore, the children had the chance to see dinosaur fossils from millions of years ago. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day out and the children’s behaviour was exemplary. They were a credit to Beechwood Primary.


This half term, in Year 4, it has been an extremely busy, with the children engaged in many different areas of the curriculum. English, the children had been learning the text Kassim and the Greedy Dragon and applying their knowledge to write detailed setting descriptions. The children also celebrated World Book Day, by coming into school in their book character costumes. There were many exciting activities that day, including creating their very own story, based on the book The Journey by Aaron Becker. Finally, the children have been learning about Europe with a focus on Poland. We have had children from Year 6, of Polish Heritage, come and talk to the children about Poland and provide them with a first-hand account of what it was like to live there. In addition to this, we have used our map reading skills to look at atlases to understand the geography of the land. The children were able to create tourist information guides talking about the terrain, climate, physical and manmade features.

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Year 4 have had a great start to the new academic year and have settled quickly into the year group routines. Currently, the children have been enjoying a variety of subjects such as: Geography, where they are starting to learn all about earthquakes and volcanoes. Science has already involved the children performing experiments as they investigate the properties of sound. As shown in the picture below the children have been learning about place value with number up to 10.000 and how to calculate sums using practical resources. There are many other subjects the children have also been learning about and we will update you later in the term with more news about these.

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Summer term has been extremely busy as well as an exciting one. Firstly, the children finished their swimming lessons, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed and undoubtedly will miss. Our new history topic started,  ‘Life in Britain during Roman Times’, which the children have thoroughly embraced. In the picture below you can see some of the children being put through basic training, giving them a taste of what it was like to be a Roman Soldier. The children practised  some of the battle formations as well as a few exercises to test their fitness. The Year 4 team held off on making them run 20 miles everyday, as was expected of a soldier, much to the disappointment of a few. The half term culminated in what has been a highlight for the children, the summer production of ‘A Day at Beechwood’. The children thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience from learning their lines to acting on stage. I think you will all agree that they did an amazing job and made everyone proud. With the academic year coming to an end and the children soon to be moving up to year 5, we still have a lot of exciting things on the calendar to do and learning to take place.

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FOr the Queen's Platinum Jubilee performance, Year 4 all performed the 'School Rules' song that they had sung in the Year 4 performance. Well done Year 4!

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