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Netball Team 2017-2018

On Tuesday 17th October 2017, the Beechwood netball team made their way to Wigmore Primary School to play their first netball match of the year. The team consisted of the following players: Amelia Kocpozak, Ailah Khan, Arissa Khan, Imane Solihi, Haleema Mehmood, Humaira Parkar and Tia Bhupal. We all were optimistic for the match yet we did not care about winning or losing we cared about having fun.

The first quarter started with a blaring blast of the umpires whistle. Wigmore scored the first goal but within a couple of minutes, Tia scored an exceptional goal. The first quarter ended 3-1 to Wigmore however; our outstanding Beechwood team did not give up.

In the second quarter, Wigmore scored two goals and the same happened in the third quarter. We tried our hardest for we knew Wigmore had a very good team. Our girls knew we would have to try harder and with an inspirational feedback from Mr. King, who told us to believe in ourselves, we were determined to score some more goals. Our outstanding coach Mrs Peters, had faith in us all the way through the match.

The last quarter began. We played very well we scored two goals! Humaira scored the first, happy to have added a goal, soon after Ailah Khan scored the third goal for the team. The game ended 8-3 to Wigmore but we were still pleased with the three outstanding goals scored in the match. Wide grins reached ear to ear on every players face. What a great match.


Humaira Parkar & Tia Bhupal

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Netball Team 2016 - 2017

Beechwood v St Margarets 13th March 2017

To access the full match report, click on the document below.

Netball team

Our netball team played their first ever match against Sacred Heart on Tuesday 27th September. The girls did brilliantly considering they had only had one training session this year. Althought Beechwood lost 11-0 to Sacred Heart, it was a great game and our team showed amazing footwork. The score does not reflect how well the team played.

Well done!

On Thursday 3rd November, after school, Beechwood Primary netball team went to compete in a match against Farley Junior school. In the first round, the captains from each team went to do a toss up. Beechwood won so she picked centre pass. Unfortunately, in the second round Farley attempted but failed to score. Sadly, in the thrid round Farley managed to score 2 points. Finally, in the last quarter, they scored one more point. In the end, it was 0-3 to Farley Junior School. Beechwood picked a star player from the other team and we chose the GS and they chose the GD. 

Well done Beechwood you worked really hard. 

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