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Football Match vs Denbigh Primary School

On Tuesday 27th March, Beechwood Primary School faced Denbigh Primary School. We all played really well together and our opponents player really well too. The whistle was blown for the start of the match. Zayyan passes the ball to Hassan Manzoor, he shoots and he scores, 1-0 Beechwood. Denbigh start to attack they shoot but Issah saves it. It then goes back to Denbigh and they then shoot and score. 1-1. We take centre and then I (Hassan Kazmi) pass it to Zayyan and he skills out a few players, he then shoots and scores, great assist by me. 2-1 Beechwood. The whistle blows for half-time and its 2-1 to Beechwood. It wasn’t over yet we still has another half to play.

Second half kicks off, Tahsin shoots and scores with the first attack of the half, 3-1 Beechwood. Now were winning by 2 goals. Could this have been a win for Beechwood? All we had to do we keep hold of the lead for another 15minutes.we just couldn’t stop scoring, Talha scores a goal and this made it 4-1. All the parents and teachers were cheering for us. Out of nowhere Denbigh score a goal to make it 4-2. Beechwood didn’t give up though and score one more which was scored by Tahsin. 5-2 Beechwood. We scored another and this time it was Zayyan to make it 6-2. When there was only 30 seconds left Denbigh scored a late goal to make it 6-3. A great team performance from us. Well played Denbigh. Wigmore next after the Easter break

From: Hassan Kazmi


Football Match vs Wenlock Primary School


Wenlock vs Beechwood was a very tough game but most of all fun. We sadly lost but I think we did well. In my opinion, I think I did well: dribbling, assisting, trying my best and communicating. Many people believe it is all about winning, many people like me believe it is about having fun and it is all about how we play the game. The score was 5-3 and we would have won if we had: kept the ball a little better and defended the corners with confidence, at least we all had a wonderful experience the delight of playing a match with our school.

This was only our second game together and I believe if we keep playing we will only improve and understand the strengths and weaknesses of everybody, they say you learn more from a loss than you do a win so that’s our growth mind-set right their ‘Celebrating our mistakes’.

Our next match is at home vs St. Joes Primary School on Thursday 2nd November. Come on BEECHWOOD!!!!

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